Our Values

At Alfords Point Public School values have always been taught. Our whole school community shares in the responsibility for teaching values. Values underpin every area of school life and learning and values education is an integral part of everything that we do at Alfords Point Public
At Alfords Point Public School, we have six sets of values that underpin everything that we do at our school. Our values of Respect and Responsibility, Care and Compassion, Friendliness and Acceptance, Honesty and Integrity, Cooperation and Fairness, and Excellence evolved through discussions with staff,  parents and students. They support our exit outcomes and our three main "big picture rules" Take care of yourself, Take care of each other, Take care of this place. Twice a Term there is a special Values assembly and students are awarded a keepsake gemstone for their outstanding contribution to Values Education within our school. Our values at Alfords Point Public School are "As solid as a rock" and our values garden with six values rocks and one memorial rock has been now completed with special plaques attached to our rocks stating our values.
Our values have been defined in simple terms through input from students, staff and parents
and are the heart of the identity that unites us as a school as well as Australians. They are the
beliefs of our whole school community.
Values foster: Individual responsibility, empathy, tolerance, personal best, trust, obeying school rules, working as a team, listening to others and accepting all.